HVG Germany: Hopfen


Hop Provenance Law

In the 16th century Spalt is awarded the hop seal. This certification system is gradually adopted in all the important hop-growing regions in the German Reich.

Increased misuse and forgery of the seal result in the promulgation of a provenance law in 1907. The first so-called "German Hop Provenance Law" (law on the certification of hop origins) originates from the year 1929. Then the law stipulates where hops may be grown and how the hops can be protected from false declaration of quality by marking them with the production region and by sealing the sacks with official lead seals. Seal districts are introduced. The Hallertau for example is split up into 13 seal districts.

Today's European Hop Market Regulation is primarily based on the principles of the German Provenance Law in 1929.



This very wide subject will be treated in a summarized form here. To understand the transposition it is necessary to take a look at the legislation. With the hop market regulation the EU has pursued the German hop laws existing previously and passed the Hop Market Regulation at the beginning of the 1970s.
The aim of the European Hop Market Regulation is to stabilize the prices and guarantee the farmers an adequate standard of living with the help of stipulations on marketing, supply contracts, setting up producer groups, subsidies and the trade with non-EU countries. Stated in the (EEC) Regulation No. 1696/71 passed by the Council on 26th July 1971 on the joint market organisation for hops.

The "(EEC) Regulation No. 1784/77 passed by the Council on 19th July 1977 on the certification of hops" controls the certification in general, and the "(EEC) Regulation No. 890/78 passed by the Commission on 28th April 1978" controls it in specific detail.
The respective national and regional legislation must secure the execution of these EU directives. For example, according to the regulation for executing the hop law in Bavaria (Bay Hopf DV), the seal districts can engage the State Institute for Plant Production in Bavaria (LKP) to undertake the certification. This has already been successfully realized to a great extent in the production regions of the Hallertau and Hersbruck.

The accompanying certificate for the hops is equivalent to a birth certificate:
Name of child = Variety = HHM Hallertau Hallertauer Magnum
Date of birth = Crop year = 2003
Town = Seal district = 32D Geisenfeld i.d. Hallertau
Country = Production region = Hallertau
Birth weight = Gross weight = 5.016 Kg =
Parents = Reference no. = 34D 03 1107634
Nationality = Country of origin = German seal hops No. of bales = 125)

In this way we guarantee that we can trace a hop lot back to the hop-grower without any gaps.