HVG Germany: Hopfen

October 2013

60th Anniversary of HVG Hopfenverwertungsgenossenschaft e.G. –

Round about 2,000 guests attended the 60th Anniversary in the crowded festival hall of Wolnzach on October 6th 2013. Most of them were hop growers, but we also had guests from local politics and representatives of all organizations working with and around hops. The focus was put on what has been achieved in the cooperative during the last 60 years and of course the joy over the good development and future viability. The growers, which are owners of the cooperative, discussed lively about the temporary development on the hop market and besides that enjoyed the good feast food as well as the special beers served.

In a tent in front of the festival hall the guests could visit the exhibition “Landscape and Life with hops” showing 42 of the best photos taken of hops. This was part of the photo competition in celebration of our anniversary. These photos were reason for longer discussions under some guests until the winners were published finally. Out of the 300 participants from all over Europe with more than 500 photos, 3 winners were awarded with a hop-adventure-week end as first prize. The second prize was a voucher for camera equipment and the third prize was a subscription of the journal “fotoMAGAZIN”.

  • 1.Place:
    Martin Abeltshauser, Pfaffenhofen-Tegernbach: Hop grower with his granddaughter surrounded by “the green gold”
  • 2. Place:
    Claudia Köhler, Nürnberg-Schwabach: historical seeming harvest scene
  • 3. Place:
    Daniela Bentele, Tettnang: „Sassy“ photo of her daughter Emma „crowned“ with a hop garland

Have a look at the winning photos: Platz 1 | Platz 2 | Platz 3

February 2013
As of 1st February 2013 Dr. Erich Lehmair has been appointed to the managing board of HVG Hopfenverwertungsgenossenschaft. The 43-year-old trained agriculturist and graduated industrial engineer has been employed at HVG for eleven years and now replaces Erwin Grassl, who has retired for reasons of age. With Dr. Erich Lehmair the managing board now consists of two full-time board members.
Dr. Johann Pichlmaier will continue to hold the position as chairman and CEO. Volunteer board members Wolfgang Forstner and Johann Heimpel will continue to be part of the managing board.
The expansion of the board to two full-time members has been a logical consequence after the business of HVG Hopfenverwertungsgenossenschaft has expanded considerably in the last decade and added numerous participations and special assignments related to its function as a producer group.
In the future, Dr. Erich Lehmair will be responsible primarily for finance, organization and special projects.
HVG Hopfenverwertungsgenossenschaft has an annual turnover of 50 million Euros and is one of the major hop marketing companies. With more than 1.200 hop growers from the growing areas Hallertau, Tettnang and Elbe-Saale the company is also the world’s largest producer group and cooperative.
October 2011
HVG Hopfenverwertungsgenossenschaft e.G. has decided to increase its shares in the hop processing plants Nateco2 GmbH & Co. KG and Hopfenveredlung GmbH & Co. KG from currently 25,1 % to 40 % by way of a capital increase, which will reflect the share of HVG’s processing volume in both plants.
With this investment HVG will strengthen its position for the marketing of German hops worldwide. As shareholders of HVG, all hop growers from the Hallertau, Tettnang and Elbe-Saale regions will have more leverage and thus can profit from a higher value added.
Our processing plants Nateco2 in Wolnzach as well as Hopfenveredlung in St. Johann are the largest processing plants of their kind worldwide. Their overall capacity is more than 25.000 tons. This is equivalent to a good quarter of the annual world hop production.
November 2010
Start of building activities for the biogas plant near Wolnzach, which is situated in the Hallertau, the biggest hop growing region in the world. HVG is one of the shareholders of the company that establishes a plant, using chopped hop vines for the production of biogas. The vines are a waste-product during hop harvest after separating the hop cones from the plant. So far, the chopped vines have been taken out into the hop fields again as fertilizer.
The investment volume of the biogas plant is more than 20 million Euro. With this plant, one third of the hop vines in the Hallertau can be used for the production of energy. After fermentation in the plant, the products are used as fertilizers in the farmers’ hop fields.

August 2010
HVG’s financial support program for the installment of irrigation measures has been successfully terminated. HVG introduced a program for the installment of irrigation in hop fields in 2008, which run until July 2010. Now, irrigation equipment is installed for more than 3.000 hectares of the German hop acreage. With these measures, we managed to increase the security of supply considerably, especially in years with too little precipitation. At the same time, the competitive position of the German hop growing regions could be further strengthened.

July 2010
Introduction of HVG program for energy-saving measures: For the years 2010 – 2013, HVG has introduced a program for the promotion of energy-saving measures in the drying process of hops during harvest. This program is intended to cut costs of hop production as well as reduce the impact on the environment.