HVG Germany: Hopfen


Hop analytics

Until 50 years ago hop analytics were a sheer sensorial analysis of the appearance and odour of the hops. Meanwhile it has become a science of its own.

The rapid development in the field of analysis methods has contributed to the fact that today we can measure substances in the range of ppb (parts per billion) and ppt (parts per trillion).

As explained in the chapter Hop chemistry, the hop cone has a wide range of various components.

Here we are particularly focusing on the principles of analysing the bitter substances as for the brewer they are one of the three more important fractions of the hops.

The analysis of the aroma substances and the polyphenols is to some extent very costly and is not carried out in the brewery as a matter of routine.

We refer to the "Analytica EBC", where the methods are explained in detail in Section 7 "Hops". Furthermore reference is also made to the "ASBC Methods 8th Edition" (Hops-6).

Also the IOB (Institute of Brewing) and the Mebak (Central European Brewing Committee for Analysis) show analysis methods for hops which to some extent correlate with those recommended above.