HVG Germany: Hopfen


Advantages of the new packing form:

For the hop-grower

  • improvement in quality
  • only one worker needed to operate the machine
  • high pressing performance
  • better utilization of storage due to easier stacking
  • loading with stacker or front-loader
  • high transport capacity


For the trade

  • maintaining the quality
  • optimising the transfer logistics
  • optimum use of expensive cooling capacities
  • uniform packaging quality
  • extending the processing crop seasons
  • sacks automatically emptied during the processing


For the brewer

  • the hops’ degree of freshness is maintained
  • variety characteristics are unchanged
  • less reduction of alpha-acid
  • better traceability of the hop lots
  • standardisation of the quality


°© Extract from the LfL - Bavarian State Research Centre for Agriculture
¹ Dr. A. Forster: "The influence of hop pressing on the lupulin glands"