HVG Germany: Hopfen


Chemistry of Hops

We are particularly pleased that you are interested in this chapter as the chemistry of hops is fascinating - not only because in nature there are some substances which are found solely in hops.

In recent years hops have increasingly been depraved in the minds of many brewers and buyers as solely an agent for alpha acids. Just satisfy yourself that hops are much more than that!

Today we can scientifically investigate the empirical findings of the over thousand year use of hops in beer. We find that there were definite reasons for selecting hops with specific characteristics. Consequently we can also see what the brewer today does differently from brewers years ago.

The following chapters are based on:
- the work of Dr. Adrian Forster: "Hops - more than just an agent for alpha-acids"
- the "EBC Manual of Good Practice - Hops and Hop Products".

Please refer to the following chapters:
Characterising the hop varieties
Hops in the brewery
Hop analytics