HVG Germany: Hopfen

HVG Tettnang1
Analogous to the Hallertau activities a Hop Processing Company (HVG) was also founded in 1955 in Tettnang. This endured the same conditions as its Bavarian "sister". Though there had been no further discussions on paying out subsidies since 1975 because the HVG Tettnang had merged into the "Hop Producer Group Baden-Wurttemberg" (headquarters in Tettnang) conforming to the EEC. This embraced all the locally operating trading firms and by including the hop growers' association was more or less provided with a double identity. In other words the entire crop "ran" over just this producer group. First of all the subsidy was fully passed on to the growers. When the EU adjusted this regulation, the mandatory 20 percent remained with the group - for quality and market support and therefore for stabilizing the prices.
These requirements in an increasingly difficult market finally resulted (2001) in their merging with their bigger partner, the HVG e.G. (Wolnzach) with a similar area of work.

HVG Elbe-Saale2
The HVG Elbe-Saale was founded in August 1990 in Fürth. The first attempt to establish it in May 1990 in Saxony had failed because at the time it was not possible to register it yet in Leipzig. Others soon joined the 7 founding members. Finally the HVG Elbe-Saale counted 60 members. The initial period of the HVG Elbe-Saale happened to fall in a phase when the hop acreage in the Elbe-Saale region was reduced by about a third. Throughout the 1990s the hop acreage in the region as well as the marketing activities of the HVG Elbe-Saale were stable. In 2000 the HVG Elbe-Saale finally merged with the HVG Hop Processing Cooperative e.G.

HVG Jura3
The HVG Jura was founded in September 1954. From the beginning there were very close connections to the HVG Hallertau. The Managing Director of the HVG Jura for many years was Mr. Trapp of the HVG Hallertau. However, due to the strong concentration in the brewing sector but also among the hop-trading firms themselves the market position of the small regional company HVG Jura became increasinglydifficult. Therefore the HVG Jura was absorbed in 2001 and became part of the HVG Hop Processing Cooperative e.G.